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Floris Duo Anti Spot Treatment for Knees Knuckles, Elbows and Toes

Floris Duo Anti Spot Treatment for Knees Knuckles, Elbows and Toes

Flori’s Duo for the treatment of dark knuckles, dark knees, dark toes and dark elbows.


Both the lotion and the serum have a pinkish-reddish color. Apply the exfoliating lotion to  the affected areas, and let it sit and dry for about ten minutes. After full absorption of the lotion by the skin, then apply Flori’s serum.  Massage lightly in a circular manner, until complete absorption into the affected areas.

For best results, use Flori’s Duo at night.  Do not wash your hands for at least two hours after treatment.  

Within  three to four days of treatment, your skin will start to peel. The treated area will appear dry and wrinkly, but this is temporary.  Do not pull off the dry layers of the peeling skin, as this will darken your skin. Let the peeling process continue on its own.

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