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24K GOLD Face Renewal Cream, Advanced Skin Brightening 2oz + FREE SHIPPING!

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Product Description

24K GOLD Face Renewal Cream is our advanced whitening cream with hyaluronic acid and stem cell.  This cream has a blend of natural plant herbal extracts to give you more radiant, brighter, even and glowing skin tone in less than 7 day of use.

It  also has a regenerative capacity to repair early signs of aging.  It is formulated to bring your skin to the highest and brightest threshold, with continuous use.
Size: 2 oz
Instructions:  Wash face with cleansing soap and then apply a little amount of 24K GOLD Face Renewal Cream using clean fingertips.  Massage face  in a circular motion until the product is absorbed.  Also apply on neck and decollete.  Do not use around eyes.
Use 2x daily for faster results,  then reduce to night only.  Can be used 3 times weekly  to maintain skin tone
Ingredients: Aque, kojic, arbutin, orange stem cell, tranexamic, vitamin A, B, C, pigment oil, and aloe vera.


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