About Us

RK Health and Beauty Palace is a dedicated center for all your safe skincare products, wellness needs, and reliable health/fitness services.

The idea to provide top-notch Palatial Health and Beauty services was conceived in 2013, with the vision to provide corrective, specialized products that the common market did not provide to the discerning customer’s individual needs.

Therefore, it is no surprise that our products have corrective, and/or curative properties that will address persistent skin issues including acne, wrinkles, premature aging, hyperpigmentation, dermatitis, cellulite, age spots, and more.

Apart from providing unique skin renewal and anti aging skincare solutions, we go above and beyond to provide a wide range of health and fitness services for the wellness of the whole person. Unlike the artificial, outward, and most often unhealthy representation of what has come to be accepted as the standard of beauty, our approach starts from the wellness viewpoint, and radiates through the whole person. At RK Health and Beauty Palace, “Wellness is the Beauty”.

Register today to receive our unique, palatial blend of products and services, and you will indeed be treated like royalty and feel like royalty.


Not only do we treat our loyal customers to unique buys and finds, we also REWARD them with surprise gifts. All your purchases of $100+ per month will automatically enter your name into a Raffle for the “Palace Seal Shopper of the Month Surprise Gift”. The winner gets a free product, based on their shopping history.


We provide safe, scientifically tested products for specialized skin care, including anti wrinkle creams, firming lotions, scientific anti-cellulite solutions, toners, and much more. Check them out now!